There is something very special about a tiny newborn baby… the purity, innocence, the new and unconditional love from mum and dad.  And then seemingly they’ve grown up in the wink of an eye.  This is why I love capturing this age.  The curly sleepy shots, the tiny toes, the squishy lips, all the little details.  They will never be this small again.  Ever.

Newborn sessions occur when baby is usually between approximately six and ten days old, once feeding is well established but while they are still very sleepy.  Up to two weeks of age is acceptable, however as each day passes they become more alert and the type of images seen in the Newborn Portfolio Galleries become more challenging.

But as tiny as they are, all newborns are very different.  Even at this very young age, they already have likes and dislikes, and so it only fits that we have a very relaxed approach, go with the flow, taking cues from baby, stopping for feeding when necessary.  Because of this, we allow up to 3-4 hours for newborn sessions, which are held in our custom designed studio located in Ballina Heights.

Due to the room being heated for baby, it can become quite warm, so it is recommended for mum and dad to wear light clothing suited to a warm summer’s day.  An extra change of clothes is also wise, as there are quite often little accidents when you remove a baby’s nappy!

Because of the limited number of sessions available, it is recommended to book your session while you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment as I am quite often fully booked a few months in advance.  That being said, it is always worth contacting me if you have just had your baby, as baby’s already booked in can be early or late which can sometimes create a little gap of availability.

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