Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life and there is almost nothing more feminine than a glowing pregnant mummy-to-be.

These sessions occur at approximately 34-36 weeks when your tummy is nice and round but before you become too uncomfortable.

They can be held in-studio or under the soft late afternoon light at the beach.

There is no need to feel self conscious or nervous as the sessions really are fun and relaxed.   Melanie will guide you through some simple natural poses and use soft and flattering light in order to make you look and feel truly beautiful during your final weeks of pregnancy.

There are a range of maternity gowns and fabrics available in the studio wardrobe for clients to use during their session.  But if you’d like to bring along some outfits, some ideas include singlets, boob tubes, maternity jeans or pants, and soft flowing skirts or dresses look lovely too.  Soft colours and tones are very pretty, and we try to avoid big bright and bold prints just so the focus remains on you.  If you’re not 100% sure on what to wear, it’s a great idea to bring a number of options, and Melanie can help you choose something that represents who you are and compliments your pregnant silhouette.

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