If you missed out on newborn images, or interested in a baby timeline, the next best ages I love to photograph are babies at 4.5 months, 7-8 months and at 12 months, which line up approximately with the milestones of tummy time, sitting up and standing/walking.

These galleries are full of images with a range of cute expressions and personality.  From serious faces to big smiles, it is such a gorgeous age.

Like all other sessions we take a very relaxed approach, and basically treat the session like a playdate.  And if bub needs a bit of a break or extra cuddles from Mum, that’s fine too.  It is also recommended that baby is well rested and has a full tummy when arriving for the session.

With regard to clothing, I generally recommend an outfit soft and neutral in colour, and also something more colourful, although we try to stay away from bold patterns, prints or motifs.  ‘A la naturale’ or just a nappy cover is very cute too.

F a c e b o o k