Day 5 – Photo-A-Day August 2013

It was too good a day to be inside this afternoon, so after the school and preschool pickup, we headed to the park!

Typical big brother wobbling the plank…

Little sister goes flying…

She loved every minute (and so did he) xx


Day 4 – Photo-A-Day August 2013

Apparently when riding your scooter, one must have a race around and around and around the table… and fast!

I had my little worrying mum hat on for a moment, thinking one of them is going to stack it in a minute… and only a few moments later Harrison took a tumble.

Then there’s that moment when you wait to see if they’ll get up and brush themselves off… but not this time.  With grazed knees and hands and a very sad face, cuddles from Mum and a Transformer’s bandaid were in order.

So that’s exactly what we did  xx


Day 3 – Photo-A-Day August 2013

I was away overnight and came home to my little cherubs in the bath… and this was the gorgeous face that greeted me!

Every part of this young lady’s personality is ‘vibrant’ to say the least.

The funny things she says and does makes us smile each and every day xx


A Personal Project… Photo-A-Day August 2013

Will you join me?

So, as I mentioned over on the Facebook Page yesterday, I’ve decided to take a photo every day for the month of August of the everyday stuff in our family life.  I had my first Photo-A-Day experience in January this year, and I vowed to not let a whole year go by before doing it again.  July was my initial thought, however a few days into July I realised I’d missed the opportunity.  So August it is!

We’re all busy, right?  And having little ones, there are so many details I want to remember.  I take so many photos, but not always necessarily ones that tell a story.  A cute pic of the kids is great, but what I love about making a conscious decision to take a photo every day for a month, is that it almost becomes like a documentary of the little things our children/families do at this particular stage, right now.  I am learning more and more to be in ‘the moment’ with our little ones, because they won’t be little for long.  This helps me to do this, and for that, I am so thankful.

My biggest challenge will be to be a little more relaxed about the technical side of the images. My first entry below from yesterday is a perfect example… A very dark bathroom, meant a higher ISO setting, resulting in grainy images.  Normally these wouldn’t make the cut, but not this month! Need to leave my control freak hat at the door lol!

So I challenge you that although we are already the second day of the month, please be encouraged to pick up your camera and capture one moment every day for this month and put them together.  At the end of the month, you’ll have a beautiful story of your life in August 2013…


So lets get started….. Day 1

Normally I do just one photo, but I couldn’t help but start with a series of images because it really does tell a story!  Jordana had gathered some ‘treasure’ and Harrison was quite interested in her beautiful pasta necklace she’d made at preschool.  Jordana was trying so hard to have a sharing heart, but just couldn’t quite commit to that level!  They didn’t actually say most of the captions, but I know they were thinking it!

Love watching the way they interact together, even when it’s a little messy.  This is the every day stuff xx


F a c e b o o k