Day 10 – Photo-A-Day August 2013 | Ballina Photographer

Oh my…. did she really do that?  It looks like all that training on manners is really shining through 😉

I was actually taking a photo of all the clips in her hair.  She must have woken up early, went into the bathroom and put almost every clip she owns in her hair, because this is how she greeted me first thing this morning.  So while she was having brekkie, I thought that’s the photo for today.  Little did I know I would capture her in all her glory lol.

Never a dull moment with this one xx


Day 7 – Photo-A-Day August 2013

This is so her…

She can certainly be a handful this little one, but she is oh so much fun.

Princess dress ups, singing, dancing, pink, purple, cuddles… these are her favourite things.

Today she randomly came up to me and said “Mummy, you are the best Mummy out of all the Mummies in the whole world!”.  When I asked her why, she replied “Because I love you so much”.  Naww bless her little heart.

Lately she asks me to take ‘funny photos’.  Without any prompting, she strikes a new pose every time the shutter is released on the camera.  This is the result, and it completely cracks me up every single time  xx


Day 6 – Photo-A-Day August 2013

It’s the little things that make you realise they’re growing up each and every day…

Being able to see in the mirror without a step… brushing his own hair.

Simple things, but ones that give him such a sense of accomplishment.

Love this little man xx


F a c e b o o k