Day 23 – Photo-A-Day August 2013 | Ballina Photographer

I ducked out of the car for half a minute to pick up something from a friend’s house yesterday afternoon, and that’s all it took for our little miss to jump in the driver’s seat and decide she wanted to drive!

Argh! Oh please, not ready for that just yet! And besides, I think that’ll be Daddy’s job 😉  xx


Day 22 – Photo-A-Day August 2013 | Northern Rivers Photographer

So… at 3.30pm  yesterday afternoon I realised Harrison had a Book Week Parade at school at 9am this morning (I had a serious ‘mum’ moment as I somehow managed to miss all the notices leading up to the event!).  Anyways, I had absolutely no idea what character I was going to dress him in, and not a whole lot of time….

Enter… my beautiful friend Ally to the rescue!  As a mum of ‘almost’ 5 boys (you’ll get to meet gorgeous #5 here very soon!), I thought maybe she’d have something.  And did she what?  Lucky Harrison had an array of choices, but ended up going as Puff The Magic Dragon.

Is he cute or what?  It was so sweet when we arrived at school, because as much as he loved his dragon outfit, he’s only just getting to the stage where he’s a little conscious of embarrassment.  At first he said, “Maybe we’ll just take it off at first Mummy?”, but as soon as he saw his little friend dressed as a Pirate, he was all good  xx


Day 20 – Photo-A-Day August 2013 | Northern Rivers Child Photographer

Ever since she found out last week that Tuesday would be a special Pyjama Day at Preschool, she counted down the sleeps and told anyone who would listen.  She was so incredibly excited!

I had to drop into Coles and get a couple of things on the way, and it was a bit cute to see the funny looks I received hehehe.  But she didn’t care, and to be honest, neither did I  😉  xx


Day 19 – Photo-A-Day August 2013 | Ballina Photographer

Meet the famous “Pink Fork”….

It’s famous in our house because there’s a massive fight over who gets to use it every single morning (and evening if it’s clean!).

95% of the time Jordana ends up with it because, well, it’s pink and of course she’s a girl (and also mainly because Harrison lets her have it).

I have thought many times that I should throw it in the bin to simplify breakfast time, but where would the fun be in that? 😉

But something BIG happened this morning…. Jordana actually offered for her big brother to have it! Is it true that all those lessons on sharing may be actually sinking in?

And to top it off, Harrison was then not only sporting the famous pink fork, but a matching pink plate too  :)

Haha love it.  The fun and games of having a young family  xx


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